Retrospective amendment of Section 115BBE

If income is offered to tax and source cannot be proved, it gets taxed under section 115BBE. Hitherto the tax rate for this kind of income was 30 % irrespective of the slab you are in. After demonetisation the Govt. brought in a few drastic amendments and one of these amendments is to Section 115BBE. The section has been amended retrospectively and any income offered to tax for the Financial Year 2016-17 would get taxed at 60 % ( plus 15 % surcharge ) if the source is not proved. This is against the policy announced by the Govt that no retrospective amendments would be brought in. The amendment, in the first place, is draconian as 75 % tax on self declared income is too harsh and added to that it applies to any income declared for the FY 16-17. The amendment should atleast be made applicable to income declared after the demonetisation date.